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Teltronics 20-20

Teltronics 20-20 - Gateway to the VoIP Evolution

The technology convergence of the Teltronics 20-20 lets large and small businesses retain the benefits of digital telephony and profit from the enhanced capabilities of VoIP.

The 20-20 is a non-blocking digital system capable of supporting the most demanding networked and stand-alone system requirements. Scaling from 256 to 9,216 ports, the 20-20 provides full tandem switching features, as well as standard and advanced calling features.

The power, flexibility, and reliability of the 20-20 have earned it a loyal following in business and government worldwide. More than 20,000 systems are in operation in many environments: utilities, right-of-way, manufacturing, retail, government, health care, high security, and financial institutions, in private networks, and at local and long-distance telephone companies. Teltronics systems are installed worldwide, including North, Central, and South America, Eastern and Western Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

The VoIP-converged 20-20 delivers a wide range of gateways including: VoIP with transparent TDN; H.323, and IP Phone gateways, as well as 911, SS7, Analog & Digital PSTN gateways, ISDN (PRI & Euro ISDN), and QSIG gateways. The powerful new VoIP capability is available for today's 20-20 Platforms and for legacy 20-20. By updating the PBX investment, users cost effectively take advantage of evolutionary VoIP technology.
With VoIP, networked 20-20 systems retain full feature transparency eliminating the need for training, while maintaining productivity and customer service. Connecting to other pure VoIP or VoIP enabled systems is just as easy.

When you IP enable the 20-20, it transforms your existing network into a powerful converged environment:


  • Investment protection
  • Scalable, non-blocking solutions
  • Call detail records for all calls
  • Grow with a single infrastructure
  • Eliminate leased lines
  • Toll Bypass
  • Shared resources, not duplicated
  • Rapid deployment for new installations


  • Interoperate with other standards based systems
  • Branches and tele-workers become main stream
  • Improved administration and management
  • Increase common access to advanced applications


  • Maximize e-business opportunities
  • Interoperate with suppliers and customers touch more prospective business

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