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WIN 440IP system

The WIN 440IP system server offers a comprehensive approach for migrating to IP telephony. The WIN 440IP is a traditional and converged systems platform that provides a unique foundation for today’s IP business opportunities. Its unmatched dynamic flexibility unites your current data network into a converged environment. 

You have control of your business IP model and can choose to add IP in a step-by-step approach as your business needs dictate.  WIN Communications Corporation truly delivers on the IP product commitment. The guarantee of the convergence brings your business and company-wide communications applications together into one manageable business IP model.
An Easy To Manage System Platform That Delivers.

  • Supports companies of all sizes, from 8 up to 440 ports with the flexibility of adding various offices and virtual work members
  • Adds IP elements to your company business model without completely overhauling the company infrastructure
  • Allows the sharing of applications, data, network resources and management tools anywhere in the 440IP network
  • Reduces cost and enhance operational efficiency of company-wide communications business model
  • Offers a complete profile of both telephony applications and hardware you can add to your company as your business grows and changes
WIN eNet 200

IP580 Phone GroupThe IP telephony solution is designed for today’s business. WIN helps business communications evolve and capitalize on more opportunities by giving options and tools for servicing customers who are using IP applications.

The eNet design offers a complete long-term solution for IP telephony. The interoperability of eNet gives a business greater choices for integrating and managing an assortment of business and IP models.

Integrated applications, such as RTOS system software, voice messaging management integration, automatic call distribution (ACD), system networking and browser-based software administration create ease of installation and management for both IT managers and non-technical managers who are involved with maintaining an organization’s communications infrastructure and processes.

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