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While Fortran has carefully selected its supply partners to ensure we are providing reliable and full featured communications solutions, customer service is where Fortran really excels.

* All Fortran staff pride themselves in providing fast and helpful service.

* Our in-house staff is always prepared to answer questions or troubleshoot customer problems over the phone at 843- 843-552-1700 or toll free 1- 800-735-8600. You may also contact us by email at

* Our service technicians understand that a service call means lost productivity to our customers so they strive to always be prompt, reliable and efficient.
Fortran knows that most of our customers are not telecommunications experts and we don’t expect them to be. We strive to translate the complexities of telephone systems into language our customers can easily understand.

Whether troubleshooting a problem or quoting a new system, Fortran employees search out communications solutions by asking questions about your business processes. We believe a telephone system should adapt to meet your needs, not the other way around.


When installing a new system Fortran will first call or visit for a short data collection meeting to determine exactly how your system shall be programmed. The Project Manager will collect information such as employee names and locations, jack numbers and other information concerning call flow, ringing patterns and the like. The system would then be pre-programmed at Fortran’s offices to minimize cut-over time.

On the day of cut-over, scheduled at your convenience, a technician will arrive to mount the new system and to prepare any cross-connection to the cable plant that needs to be performed. At the agreed upon time, and with notice to employees, the technician will power down the existing system and bring up the new system. In addition to Fortran technicians, a Customer Service Representative will be on site the day of cut-over to train your employees and to handle miscellaneous programming and customization. Training is conducted in small groups of 10-12 people to maximize hands-on time by your staff. After training your employees will be asked to perform a few tasks on their phone. Our technician and Customer Service Representative will be available for any questions that arise at that time.


We understand that a new telephone system can be a bit daunting at first. Any problems that arise can be reported to 800-735-8600.

A Fortran employee may ask a few questions to help us narrow down the cause of the problem. Many problems can be taken care of over the phone or via remote programming. If that isn’t possible, a technician will be dispatched to resolve the issue. If for any reason a visit or programming change would be billable, Fortran will notify you before performing the work.


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